Sorkhon-Sharr - Bass

        Far from the western lands of Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Sharr came to Edmonton when he was but a lad. His passion for music began at a young age, at first through the trumpet, and soon after the bass guitar. Driven ever further in his craft by his eldest brother and the music that inspired him, he laboured for many years to attain his current skill. First testing his might in the world of Thrash Metal through Wolves of Chernobyl, he soon after found himself drawn to the glory of Folk Metal through joining the band Mongol. Forging himself in the genre, he began to find worthy allies amongst Alberta's capital, one of which had caught his eye. It was when he had witnessed Forsaken Rite that his curiosity had been peaked. After doing battle along side them with Mongol, it was only a matter of time until he had gotten to know the warparty and was asked to aid and eventually join them. It only took a matter of glorious battles, hearty drinks, and heartier laughter before he agreed to band with the warparty. The basslord of Forsaken Rite, a force to be reckoned with, shakes the very foundations of the battlefeild. His mighty tones bolstering their charge, he brings both the rhythmic weight of the warparty's blows hammering down upon their enemies as well as the warm jovial tones of their feasts and celebrations. The dark haired giant of the warparty ties Forsaken Rite to the virtues of strength and ferocity in battle, standing vigilant and yet merciless, protecting and aiding his comrades and ensuring everyone has someone fighting by their side.

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