Sevi - Accordion

        Sevi came to Forsaken Rite from the forested lake lands of Western Alberta. The warparty had found it's footing in the world, but still lacked a certain magic and splendor to its ways. A long-time companion to Archon, Sevi's keen ear for the classical arts as well as her passion for the piano (among other instruments) made her an immediately appealing addition to the band. After making her way to Edmonton and eventually finding a home in the capital, it was not long until Sevi procured the appropriate equipment and became Forsaken Rite's keyboardist. Along the way she found a desire to pursue the Accordion. With passion in her heart she made the transition to the Accordion. With a wistful and reserved, yet graceful and defined nature, she brings to the stage both a flowing and magical beauty of symphonic melodies, as well as the jovial and hearty rhythms of the accordion. It is not in her way to engross the listeners of our tales with power and awe, but instead to enchant them with a harmonious and natural beauty. The druidess of Forsaken Rite ties the warband to nature, and the beauty and wonder of the world we live in.

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