Front Row Status

What do you get when you mix modern day heavy metal, Viking Gods, and possibly a hint of Zelda charm? 

      Edmonton’s Forsaken Rite, of course. 

      Forming in October of 2012, after many line-ups coming and going, the band has finally settled down with the right musicians to create the musical storytelling they’re known for. Don’t mistake them for fairy tales, though. Approaching the stage like Celtic Gods and Goddesses, they are just as heavy as any other heavy metal band. 

      “I’ve always really enjoyed folk metal. It’s truly a unique genre that gives you this sense of awe and pride in your ancestry”, says lead vocalist, Archon. “I don’t think there is a single member of Forsaken Rite that does not have some passion on the topics of history, mythology, fantasy, or even the more Pagan/occult areas of religion. This is something we emulate into both our music and appearance”.

      And I don’t know how else you could describe Forsaken Rite better. This is a heavy metal band keeping to its roots - badass flute and all. With Archon on vocals (who primarily was advertising himself as a guitarist and backing vocalist), you also have Eskaton on guitar, Fingall on bass guitar, Eiveen on flute, Sevi on the keyboard, and Adaria on drums.

      “Folk metal just isn’t something that you see around here, outside of parts of Europe, we tend to be a bit of a rarity,” says Archon. “Our flutist and keyboardist were definitely a boon for us. Both have very different backgrounds (mainly classical) and this was quite a new thing for both of them to try”.

      But the combination works so well for the band. Based off of their social media websites alone, they already have quite a following. Whether you get it or not, just by watching live performances (even online!), you can’t help but feel the energy, onstage and off. Heavy metal fans seem to be responding well to not just Forsaken Rite but folk metal in general.

      “I’ve noticed that the average show in Edmonton has become a lot less stagnant than in the past. There is much more variety now. Before, there used to be a very prominent idea that a show had to be centralized around a single genre and deviating from that would be detrimental. Now, it seems that promoters and venue owners alike are more than happy, if not more interested, in booking shows that have bands from several different sub-genres in the metal community”.

      It is this perspective on music, especially heavy metal with all of its sub-genres, that I whole-heartedly encourage to music promoters and venue owners, especially in Canada. But it’s not just them! Archon mentions his gratitude of the support of fans and the metal community alike. “It’s amazing how fast your name and work can spread just because people who enjoy what you do are happy and willing to throw it around”. 

      High-five Edmonton!

      So what can fans for Forsaken Rite expect to see in 2016? Nothing is “set in stone” as  of yet but the band is keeping their eyes on a few music festivals for this summer. As for a full-length album? 

      “All I can say for the moment is that we are currently in the process of writing new material for it. Though the idea of it being released this year may be a bit of a stretch, I certainly won’t eliminate it as a possibility”.

      Archon also mentions that for this first, full-length record, everything will most likely be recorded in a professional studio as opposed to their EP (though still significantly well done) which was recorded mainly in his very own, at-home studio.  With more resources at their disposal, the heavy metal community can have high hopes for this album.

      Catch Archon and the rest of Forsaken Rite on March 12th, 2016 at The Rendezvous Pub, Edmonton. This show is a fundraiser for the St. Paul Animal Shelter and as “avid animal enthusiasts”, the band highly recommends everyone to come and check it out, all for a great cause! 

      See, even heavy metal Celtic Gods(esses) have soft spots too.