Greetings Adventurer!

 It has been quite some time since we last updated this website.  Fear not! We are still here and working harder than ever to bring you more music for 2019!

Please be patient with us, as we are completely re-vamping this website with more information and content.

In the meantime, we have some announcements to make regarding our line up and upcoming shows!

First off, Jern Tyren's adventures with us were short lived, but no less exciting.

Please now welcome Othias Fargrim as our new Rhythm Driver

Othias - Saskatoon

Secondly, Our first show announcement of 2019.  We are extremely excited to be playing Metallion Festival, located at the Brookside Resort in beautiful British Columbia. 

Metallion Festival 2019

Please see our calendar for more details.

And lastly, we are hard at work on new material and, though we make no promises, looking to debut a new song at this festival!

And to keep you satiated until then, here is the video we had done for the third song off our Northern Saga Album, titled "Disciples of Steel"




   With our previous tour March of the Frozen North complete and raids to Calgary for the Horror Con After Party, Lone Butte, BC for Metalocalypstick Fest, and our most recent venture to Armstong, BC for the 10 Year Anniversary of Armstrong Metalfest, we are proud to announce that we are raiding with our brethren and sister in Solborn in support of their CD release right here in Edmonton. 

Solborn CD Release Aug 18 2018


   We would also like to take this time to announce that Jern Tyren has joined our ranks as Rhythm Driver,

Jern Tyren - Metalocalypstick Fest 2018


As well as Q'voz, our new Basslord.  Welcome brothers, Let the mead flow like water!

Q'voz - Armstrong Metalfest 2018

   We are working on more shows to come, so please check our calendar for the updates.




    It has been a while since our last update! Fear not for we have exciting news to share! We are proud to announce the March of the Frozen North tour! We will be riding across western Canada for four days with a horde of Folk Metal glory. With us rides Quebec's very own Valfreya and Mexico's Cabrakaan! We hope to see you on the fields of battle for we shall fight and drink our way to victory!

Be sure to check our calendar for more information on these upcoming shows!



  In other news, we have updated our online store! Use our discount code "northern" to get 20% off everything in our Bandcamp store!

We have wares, and you have coin!


Greetings Adventurer!



Greetings Adventurer!

    Our first ever Canadian Raid was a success! We drank, we sang, we honoured our Ancestors with glorious victory! We made many friends and memories a long the way that would not soon be lost in the annals of time. 

And now, looking towards the never-ending horizon, we set our sights towards grander adventures! Soon, we will have the honour of sharing the stage with The Agonist on August 22 and 23 in Saskatoon and Edmonton. Be sure to check our Calendar for show updates!

    In other news, Archon had the pleasure of being interviewed by Cranium Titanium Metal Radio Show and we had the honour of having "The Northern Saga" reviewed! Be sure to check our News for more updates from the Warparty!


Greetings Adventurer!

    At long last our first full length album, "The Northern Saga", is now available for purchase online through CDBabyitunes, Amazon, Bandcamp,

and more to come! Stay awhile and listen to the glorious tales of the northern lands!



Greetings Adventurer!

    The time has come to reveal one of our songs from our upcoming full length album, The Northern Saga! This new tale is one of war, valour, and glorious victory!


Greetings Adventurer!

    Friends and comrades across the land, the time is at last upon us! Behold, the official tour date announcement of our Canadian raid!

    This tour shall celebrate the release of our first full length album, "The Northern Saga" which will be available on June 2nd as we spearhead our way across the land. Along with this highly anticipated release we will also be making available to all a brand new line of merch!

    Indeed, this is a time we have been most excited for, we cannot wait to share our tales of battle, glory, adventure and debauchery with you all across the land! 

    Check our calendar to keep up with all the tour dates!

     See you on the battlefield!


Greetings Adventurer!

    We are excited to announce that our first full length album "The Northern Saga" is nearing its completion! Stay tuned for updates! In the meantime check our calendar to see when our next upcoming show will be!