Eskaton - Guitars

       Eskaton emerged into the Albertan capital from the land where the sun shines eternally. Though not being of any extraordinary lineage or ancestry, he sought to blaze for himself his own legacy, lined with veneration and renown. Through the forces of Power Metal he forged his craft with the electric guitar and struck out into the world questing for honour and glory. Eskaton put forth his name, decreeing his intent to adventure the land and accomplish wondrous deeds, to forever make a mark in the world of heavy metal. This ambition and vigor did not go unnoticed, for the warmaster Archon was most intrigued by him. Though a complete stranger to the warparty, Eskaton quickly proved himself to be a most formidable and righteous warrior and guitarist. It was from that day forward that Eskaton would be known as the battlepriest and solo master of Forsaken Rite. Eskaton strikes the battlefield gleaming in mail and conviction. His rhythmic and powerful chords are equally as awe inspiring as his grand and illustrious solos. Though the only guitarist of Forsaken Rite, he is indeed more than capable of fulfilling his role solitary. Eskaton searches to the ends of the earth to accomplish feats of greatness and to bring triumph and grandeur to his friends and warparty. Always in search of the next glorious quest, his eyes are ever on the horizon, eagerly awaiting the next great adventure. The battlepriest ties Forsaken Rite to the virtues of ambition, adventure, and majesty; If there is any place that may hold the warparty's next grand fable, Eskaton will ensure it is explored.