Archon - Vocals / Bagpipes

        Archon came to the Alberta capital from the western mountains of British Columbia. Originally versed in the craft of Black Metal, his past was riddled in dark magicks and grim tenor. After parting ways with his previous band, Archon set out into Edmonton in search of something new. What he searched for he did not know, only that something out there lie in wait of him. It was by chance that he happened to meet Adaria, who was also searching for musical companions. Though Folk Metal had never been Archon's first choice in music, it was certainly a genre he enjoyed, and with great intrigue agreed to join forces. It was shortly after that Forsaken Rite was born. With the knowledge of several instruments, as well as the arcane forces of audio production at his disposal, he was sure that this newly formed warparty was to be a force to be reckoned with. Though often seen as stern and serious in demeanor, the warmaster is the charismatic leader of Forsaken Rite. His voice roaring throughout the battlefield leading the warparty's charge into glory, he brings the aggression and honour into tales of battle, and heartiness and joviality into songs of celebration. Whether it be a tale of the lost, a hymn of battle, a song of grand adventure, or a chant of good drink and friends, Archon is sure to invoke passion and vigor in both his comrades as well as his witnesses. Painted in woad, the armoured and pelt-clad warmaster ties Forsaken Rite to their ancestry, Their honour and ardor in battle, and the reverence of the old world.

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