Adaria - Drums

    Hailing from the southern plains of Saskatchewan, Adaria's past was lived out with an early desire for adventure and glory. Though she had enjoyed her days of Progressive and Power Metal, she knew that there was something more she was yearning for in the world. Journeying west in search of change and a new life, Adaria came to discover the world of Folk Metal along the way. She knew that this was what she had yearned for, she had her purpose in place. Though search of party members was at first slow, Adaria eventually caught word of the warmaster Archon, who had just emerged from the darker realms of music in search of something new. Adaria quickly convinced Archon to consider the adventure that she offered and it soon after came to pass that Forsaken Rite was born. Though quiet and somewhat shy, Adaria brings a fierce determination to the warparty unlike any other. Her honesty and loyalty ringing true, her foundation brings a unity to the band that binds them strongly together. Her thunderous drums boom and well throughout their songs and bring a most immense power to the warparty. The sword-maiden ties them to one another and brings to their tales the virtues of friendship and camaraderie.

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